Flubber and Friends Circus show

This Christmas, Flubber, the International Clown of the Year - 2016, Vice President of the World Clown Association and Producer of the International Clown Festival in India will have yet another exciting circus adventure for you. He is joined by 9 of his International Clown friends. Clowns from USA, Mexico and Peru will enthrall you will their antiques. They will perform hilarious comedy gags and rip roaring routines. You will be amazed by their spectacular juggling, acrobats and unicycling. Just the perfect way to share laughter and comedy this Christmas season with your family. Come experience the circus through the eyes of a clown. Kids will laugh, teenagers will be amazed at their skills, the youth will want to emulate them. And Parents? Well they will learn a new meaning to the phrase 'Be a Clown'.

Show Duration: 90 minutes with a 10 minute break in between

Genre: Family show. Comedy Circus show by American clowns.


The clowns performing are reputed International Clowns who have travelled far and wide: Eric Zander Hussey (EZ) and Cheryl Schruefer (Tiny) are graduates from the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Clown College and have travelled with the Ringling Circus throughout USA and Japan. Chase Culp (CC) is an Instructor at Circus Smirkus and has also performed with the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. Timmy and Timmyto, the father and son duo from Mexico have performed in circuses across USA and Latin America. They have appeared in numerous TV shows and festivals. Timmyto has a degree in Circus arts. Bekah Smith (Lolo) is a world champion juggler and has performed at numerous festivals across the world. Kolinda Hussey Zander (KoZee) is an award winning clown and will be joining her husband EZ on some new adventures with the circus from 2017. Jhoel and Patricia from Peru are currently touring with various circuses in Peru, Mexico and are glad to be here in India.
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